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Maryland Ecoclean

Maryland Ecoclean: Professional Power Washing and Exterior Surface Cleaning Services

Maryland Ecoclean offers pressure washing and surface cleaning services of sidewalks, pool decks, brickwork, siding, and concrete throughout Harford and the entire Baltimore Metropolitan area of Maryland. We provide highest quality service by our certified professionals.

We clean all types of properties; residential and commercial. Whether it is a building, an office, a house, a hospital, a golf course -and the list goes on- and whatever the surface material may be, we clean it!

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Maryland's Baltimore and Harford County Professional Pressure Washing / Power Washing / Surface Cleaning for residential customers, homes, and commercial businesses.

Why Surface Cleaning is Important

The Baltimore area is often a hot bed for blistering heat and steaming humidity. An unavoidable result of this is mold and mildew on the homes in the city and around your home. This nasty green and grey matter is more then just and eyesore, it can become a real bother if it is not pressure washed regurarly. Many homes in our area have an exterior consisting of siding, stucco or bricks. Mold and mildew hold moisture at the surface and shorten the life span of all three of these surfaces, leading to costly repairs.